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     In the past I have let men who have hurt me drive me to drastic measures. My retaliation may have caused them the misery they deserved, but it affected me too. Rather than stopping to think and putting my energy into something positive, I allowed myself to get carried away, losing control and self-respect. Being a woman scorned can destroy you as a person, and affect your ability to think logically. Every obstacle I have overcome, every mistake I have made in my life, I can now look on as a blessing. Perhaps they will enable me one day to have all the things I ever dreamed of, through sheer hard work and determination. I was once caught up in a lifestyle that wasn’t good for me, but I removed myself from it and focused on bettering my life, and that is what counts.








     Raymond took Michaela's hand and led her up a steep hill. Michaela was nervous. She was curious about what Raymond had planned, but she trusted him. 'Raymond, I'm getting a little scared now. We’re going into a forest and I can see a graveyard. Please tell me why you’re bringing me up here?' 'Don't be scared Michaela. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Just close your eyes and be patient.' He put his arm around her, and she felt safe, though her heart was racing. They had been walking on grass, but now she could feel gravel and pebbles beneath her feet. 'Open your eyes' said Raymond. She was surrounded by the most perfect view. It appeared they were standing on a high hill. The night sky twinkled with stars. In the distance the houses looked like tiny bright dots. They sat down silently and watched the sunset together.











     At last Michaela felt that she had overcome her insecurities and was strong enough to face any obstacle in her way without crumbling. She had at last realised that no man could be responsible for her happiness. Only she was in control of that. The love and self-respect she had for herself was what she needed for a happy life with her children, and as a devoted mother she was going to make sure they had everything they needed Michaela felt free and at peace. She knew she was truly blessed.










God Bless you all!

Love yourself, for they may not always be there, Trust in your heart, although it may not seem fair. It’s never too late to step forward and go your way, If a man loves you that much, don’t beg him to stay.

Players play games and mess with your mind, But they fail to realise you can curse and be kind. It’s not in your head; it’s an instinct you trust, For them it’s the sex and not even the lust.

An unconventional woman knows what she’s worth, A sister, a girlfriend, or a mother giving birth. Avoid being bitter, just pray to the lord, He wants you to be happy, have faith in his words.

Look in the mirror and see what you see, A beautiful human being smiling with glee. Do not judge others, for what they accept, Not everyone is strong and that is a fact.

We all have feelings, but don’t get attached, If he is in it for a life time, make sure to lock the latch. Remember forever, that you are number one, And if he can’t treat you that way, he better be gone.





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