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What is the meaning of a balanced life?

I can honestly say that the best of us can find ourselves lost on our own journeys in life without realising it straight away. We lose our direction, rather than trying to find an alternative route. We arrive at a point which seems like a dead end and we return to our starting point without any care to continue. How do we expect to arrive at that final destination if we turn back, give up and lose focus?

The pressures of every day living, the expectations and general criticism we receive from those who know nothing about our lifestyles can contribute to the feelings we have about ourselves. But it's not what's expected from everyone else. It's what you as an individual expects from YOU. It's about trusting that things will be ok. It's about believing in what you can achieve regardless of all the obstacles en route. It's about your own inner drive, regardless of all the dead end roads, obstacles and restrictions.

As much as I try to remain positive in life, things do get to me sometimes, but I'm only human. If I didn't feel, I would be classed as not having a heart.

For us to be successful in everything we wish to accomplish, we need to work with our mind, body, soul and spirit to enable us to experience and understand what is around us, in order to use the energy and power that each one of us possess.

If our bodies are not in tact and our minds are not focused, we cannot have the correct thoughts to overcome any hardship.

I have always been someone who has been strong, independent and determined. My life has been that of a person on charged Duracell batteries; because the energy I have is to continue living life as a superwoman. But what I have failed to acknowledge is that my life had been lacking balance. Hence why, recently I reached a point of exhaustion and emotional turmoil. When you create a balanced life, you feel calm, grounded and motivated.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” ~Thomas Merton

How can we live happy, healthy lives when our minds are tired and our bodies are drained?

What I have realised is that over the last 9 years I have forgotten about me, my journey and my purpose in life. I'm an ambitious woman. I'll attempt anything that interests me. I'm creative, but where do I want to be in the next 5 years? What is my purpose? I should be reminding myself of this daily?

All I ever cared about was what I could do for everyone else. When in fact, I don't need to do, or be anything other than myself.

I don't need to lecture people about their lives, I don't need to force them to believe in themselves. Being who I am should be enough. The inspiration comes from me setting an example, rather than encouraging those who don't want the help. In order to embrace change, enlightenment, one has to believe in it in order to move forward.

Since being in the presence of my King, the love of my life, he has taught me so many things about myself.

At first I wasn't sure if our difference in beliefs would allow us to be compatible. I was concerned with the fact that he was in touch with his spirituality more than I was. But then I had to question myself. Just because he was spiritual and I wasn't, did that make me less of a person? No! What I have given him, is probably more than he could ever imagine. He has filled me with knowledge and love. I am now a keen reader, happy to learn about life and what it has to offer me.

In a matter of months I have taken such a special journey of soul realisation. I've learned that life is about growing, discovering and developing into greater understandings and experiences. As a human being I have nothing to prove. My life is a stepping stone which should embrace change with open arms. I need to entertain new concepts and ideas as well as understand myself and my relationship to the world and with the universe.

Not being very spiritual throughout my adulthood and only believing in the God almighty, closed my eyes to possible opportunities without thought. I always believed that my faith in God would save me, but now that I have found the time to read and gain so much more knowledge about the spirituality I didn't realise existed in me. I am now open to opinions and reasoning. Not saying that I don't have any faith in the power of God, but there is power in nature and spirit beings.

I read something the other day in a book which discussed religion and spiritual beliefs and it was interesting to read the authors interpretation of religion.

"Religion is what you practice" - Nebu Ka Ma'at

But is it right to say that religion is what we are living into becoming.

My King has given me so much hope, he has opened my mind to dealing with certain situations in a way, I would have never dreamed of before. When things go wrong we tend to blame others, feel sorry for ourselves, slip into a negative mode and project negativity.

What we receive in life is equal to what we project, which means that everything that happens is a result of our own actions.

No matter what I face from here on, I hope to tackle it and move on from it. Anyone else who wants to free themselves from the mental perception that they cannot do better, or are stuck in a life that is slowly drowning them. Believe you are actually enslaving yourselves from becoming amazing human beings. For too long, I failed to progress in life due to legal and political restrictions. But I know there has to be a way out and I intend to find that opened door. It's time to save myself and break free.

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