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Devote your life to living.

If you believe in yourself, there will come a time when all of the things you ever wanted in your life, you will have. Whether it being a new car, a new home, your own business, or a new relationship.

In order to fulfil any goal or dream, you really have to believe in it and put aside any doubt, even when others are against you and are hating on your every move.

When you really want to live your life to the fullest and you want to know your potential, you must decide on whether or not you want to remain standing in the shadow, or step out into the light. You must be willing to take that risk of making some people mad. Yes, it is sad to say, but not everyone you think that has your back is actually there for you. They may say they are there for you with words, but in fact they are not even there in person, or by spirit.

As my mother has always told me, 'If they don't pay your bills, put food on your table, or take care of you, why do you care what people think? You are a unique person, therefore you don't have to follow anyone, or put up with unnecessary nonsense. We all have one life, so live it.'

Sometimes it's best to step out of the box, reflect and analyse the people in your life. Fifty percent of the people you once believed were generally looking out for your best interests are not. Others are too busy caring about what they cannot do, rather than focusing on the things that are possible. There are those who you make angry because you are thinking more about yourself, trying to better your way of living, rather than taking on board what they actually think of you.

Having survived life's obstacles, you should at some point have worked out who makes you feel guilty about the good things you try to do and those who inspire you to do even more.

In the end it all narrows down to leaving those people behind that have no purpose in your life and distancing yourself from them in order to grow. Too much negativity can be draining and when you are drained, you are unable to focus your energy into something positive. Still appreciate what others have brought to your life initially, as every person we meet teaches us something about ourselves, but understand not everyone shares the same journey as you.

If you want to be able to achieve your goals or find out who you really are, you must then accept that challenge and be willing to live without the opinions of others. You must develop your own individual opinion of yourself and recognise what you are worth. Once you try to live up to an image of what you think others want you to be, you lose self-worth.

When you step out into the light to make a difference, there is nothing wrong with others giving you constructive criticism, but you do not need to make their opinion count towards your final decision. Some people may not like what you are doing with your life, but it is not their life. Just because they are finding fault in what you do, doesn’t mean it isn't for you.

Often, we find ourselves holding on to the opinions of others so that we can keep them on our side. But why? Ask yourself what are they are actually doing to better themselves? Are they doing anything better than you? Are they even happy? Are they positive in every aspect of life? The majority of the time the answer to those questions will be NO. Look for the positive people who can mentor you, support you and inspire you, rather than be influenced by the unhappy people who are too miserable to help.

Never feel guilty about the things you want to do in life.

Never feel guilty about those who have let you down.

Never feel guilty for those who fail to share your journey.

Never feel guilty for the mistakes you have made and the people you have chosen to be with.

Never feel guilty for wanting to make changes & better yourself.

You have to learn to agree and disagree with others opinion of you, but it doesn't have to end up in a full blazing row. Conduct yourself in a decent manner, emphasize, be sympathetic, but make your point. Make what you are doing the centre of your life and feel good about being in that place you aim to be in. You must learn to devote your life to living your life without the guilt from others and base your life on your own opinions in order to succeed.

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