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I Love Myself Enough To Live.


Life can be the most amazing thing if you enjoy what it has to offer. Sometimes we get caught up with life's troubles and worries that we forget to live our lives. We hold back from opportunities which could change our circumstances, then complain after when we realise that we have lost out. What we should be doing is, grabbing every opportunity that arises, travelling the world and embracing life from every angle.

If you are someone who feels that you're never experiencing great things. Why not surround yourself with inspiring people who motivate you to do good? Doing good in life, whether it be for others or for yourself is the most rewarding feeling you will ever get, apart from being a parent and giving your children the best life they could ever possibly want.

There's nothing worse than being unhappy because life is too short to live your life in misery. The best thing to do is not to dwell on mistakes or past experiences, because in order to move on from where we are, we have to be able to move forward without fear. Change is about transforming or converting your life from one phase to another for the better. Whenever you feel like your life is not going the way you planned, take a step back and reflect on what may be going wrong. Question why it's the way it is and look for a way to change it. Don't wish for change, but act on it. Figure out what makes you feel good and give yourself the chance to be fulfilled.

No matter how hard things may get, I have learned to have a mind-set which always looks on the positive side, because I refuse to let myself to be pulled towards negativity. I can only rely on myself to be happy, so I engage in positive activities in order keep my spirits high.

I live every day like it's my last and every time I feel life is a struggle, I remind myself that I love myself enough to live. I no longer entertain depression, worry about money because I have faith that things will always work themselves out. What I have found in time is that, if you keep telling yourself that you can't do something, you will never do it. It becomes a trained pattern. I have made the choice to disregard people's jealousy and I bypass the haters. It is they who fuel me to achieve more.

If everyone took on board what everyone else thought of them they would never do a thing. As harsh as it may sound, there are some people out there who thrive on seeing you unhappy and although they may pretend to support you, realistically they're hoping you fail.

Never give up on your dreams and never believe you can't have everything that you want. Having what you desire and being greedy are too different things. Be able to recognise that. It's not always about materialistic things.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, gratitude can change your life forever. Be thankful for what you have in order to be blessed with more. Whenever you feel yourself wanting to give up always say this to yourself, 'I love myself enough to live.'

Giving up is easy, but fighting to live isn't. If life was easy no one would be ambitious. People wouldn't attempt the impossible and I'd rather attempt the impossible than sit back and allow my life to pass me by without having lived.

Life is an amazing gift which allows you to use your potential to make the most of your future. How many of you have dreamed of living a perfect life? If so, how many of you are doing anything to give yourself the chance to have a brighter future?

In order to follow through with loving your life, you have to be able to balance it. You have to define your life vision and set your priorities. Take responsibility for your life and never judge others lives in the process. Everyone is destined for different things at different times, so whatever Joe may be doing at the moment, is not necessarily what you may be able to do right now. Life's a process that you work through in your own time.

Take ownership of your life and believe in you. It doesn't mean you are being selfish. All it means is that you're focusing on yourself in order to love yourself 100% and with this you'll see how much life loves you back.

Stop hating yourself for what you are not and start loving yourself for who you are.

'Love yourself enough to live.'

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