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Does the way you dress determine who you are?


After having viewed a few videos on YouTube today that were produced at certain Nightclub events over a period of time, I was very surprised to see the kind of outfits that were being worn by some of the women.

I generally never watch no face with regards to what people choose to do with their lives, but on this occasion I could only wonder what possessed half of these women to come out of their homes looking how they were. Either they never had honest friends to tell them how they looked, or they simply didn't care.

Not caring how others see you, shows me that you obviously don't care or respect yourself. So when women talk about wanting respect, they can't complain when others don't return any.

Why reveal everything to everyone? As women we should keep others guessing about what is beneath and leave it all to the imagination. In order for others to want to know more about the us, we must entice them with our personality rather than taking note of our physical appearance first. But I guess women who need to reveal all either need the attention to make themselves feel good, or there is definitely a self-worth issue.

Many years ago I used to go out clubbing dressed in short dresses or low neck tops, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever walk on the road with my actual breasts exposed with only a bit of fishnet covering my body. There was no need.

I personally do not feel comfortable having a man drooling over my breasts all night wanting to get a quick leg over. It's intimidating even when you are fully dressed let alone half naked. What then happens is that a man is focused on your appearance and not really interested in what your actual personality has to offer. So when women complain that men are only after them for one thing dressed how they are, or they can't find the right man, isn't it clear that they are actually the cause?

What I can't understand is when women get annoyed when men try to touch them. What do they expect? Yes, it's fair to say that no one should touch anyone in a way that is not appropriate, but when something is being pushed in your face, it's hard to resist temptation. I was always told by my mother growing up to see and not touch. I can now honestly say that I follow that rule, but not everyone will.

If these women feel that good about the way they look, they should be able to handle the response they get. Otherwise why go out looking that way if they they dont want any confrontation?

You don't have to be naked to have sex appeal. I for one know that I can dress in a very professional manner and still look sexy. My personality shines through with how I behave and the way I dress. I'd rather leave the creases and flesh for my own man to take advantage of. A man appreciates a lady. One that is definitely a lady in public, but can get down in the bedroom behind closed doors. If she is sexual, sexy and full of beautiful curves, the rest of the world doesn't need to see it too.

Yes the outfits you purchase from shops have been made to wear, but have you actually thought about the fact that not everything is for everyone. So ladies please learn how to dress your bodies in what suits you, not what suits Jane down the road who is three times smaller than you. There is nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage, but having it all out is not safe and it encourages foul behaviour and possibly rape. Something no person should ever want to experience.

As a mother I have learned to dress appropriately, not only because I know I look good in whatever I wear, but it sets an example for the kind of women I want my son's to acknowledge in their later lives. A mother that continues to party and has a new man every week because of how she dresses doesn't only show lack of respect for herself, but lack of respect for her children. As we grow older in age, we should have become wiser.

When I see grown women on videos expressing the love they have for their children, but they are standing in nothing but a nipple patch, I have to question what they believe to see as love. How do you think your child would feel if he/she came across that video one day? How can one feel pleased with one’s self? I sure as hell would feel embarrassed if my son's saw me naked on a club video rubbing up and down caressing a man against a wall. As disrespectful as this may sound, it's slack behaviour.

A man who sees a woman half naked in a nightclub will never take her seriously. In fact he may make the effort to get her number, look to link up and get what he wants from her to the point he never call again, or if he calls again it’s only to use her and get some more. In some cases whilst he has his respectable woman sitting at home.

A woman that can dress sophisticatedly, but is attractive and still has sex appeal will more than likely get less attention but will be spotted by the right man, who will actually take time to get to know her. Anything else to him will be a bonus.

Revealing your body in a provocative manner shows that you lack self-worth, self-love and are clearly looking for attention, which to me, simply spells out 'lonely’ and ‘desperate.' Being able to dress in a decent manner and still look hot shows confidence and clarifies that you take pride in your appearance. You're a woman of elegance, who also has style.

I used to believe a very long time ago that a woman should be able to wear exactly what she wants without being judged. As long as she feels comfortable in what she is in, who is anyone to say what she should wear? But when I see women degrading themselves to the point I can't even bear to look at them because I feel embarrassed for them, then you then know there's a serious problem and the matter needs to be addressed.

Society in this day and age is not like what it used to be. You can't dress how you like without care because it's a dangerous world out there. Certain men are not going to care whether or not you're a mother with kids when they attack you. Nor will a rapist care of how you'll feel once he has taken away all your dignity by forcing you to commit an act with him. So ladies please choose what you wear wisely, because there is no going back if a serious assault occurs. No one deserves sexual abuse regardless of how they dress, but you can try preventing it from happening by avoiding being a target.

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