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Why Is Love Not Enough?


When it comes to long lived relationships, we would all hope that our amazing partners would be able to keep their eyes to themselves, especially when they consider themselves to be happily in love with us. But not always is that the case. There are many people in this world that can love many in many different ways, and whilst they claim that the love they have for their significant other is pure, it is correct to say that it evidently is not enough to hold them. But why, if you love someone, shouldn’t it be that you love only them? So why is it that some people just can’t commit to one person?

Love is about having a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person and in many cases sharing deep affection with a feeling of warm attachment. It is also fair to say there are other people who consider love to feel like a sexual attraction to someone, but a lot of the time people confuse love with sex and what happens to many women who fall in love with the wrong person is that they have engaged in sex too quickly and get hurt. It is right to say that relationship with a person you love deeply should be more than just sex. More importantly, being in a relationship with a person you love should have no limits. Love is something you have to experience in order to explain it.

I believe to be in love is about having a connection with someone that no one else understands. It’s about being able to inspire one another and take an interest in each other’s passions, whether that is mentally or physically. Love is about being emotionally attached where the person you love brings out the best in you, makes you happy and smile. But most of all it’s about honesty and good communication.

I have heard many excuses in my time why an ex has cheated, or engaged in a sexual encounters with more than one woman and whilst I questioned myself about what I did wrong, I came to realise that there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. A man or woman will cheat regardless of what you do to try to do to prevent it and there is nothing you can do to change them. It has nothing to do with your ability to satisfy in the bedroom, because you could be the best performer, but still it isn’t enough. A person who has a high sex drive will ultimately look for every opportunity to engage in sexual encounters without thinking about the possible damage it could cause to an existing relationship. Now if you are referring to this person as a sex addict, each to their own opinion, but I don’t think everyone who cheats, or likes to have sex with lots of people is a sex addict. I just consider them to be people who lack self-control and my definition of self-control is the activity of managing or exerting control over something, whether that being an act of denying yourself. We all have desires to do certain things, but what we have to recognise is that everything we do comes with a consequence, therefore we shouldn't always act on impulses in a moment of lust, especially when we have someone who we are already intimate with.

If a man or woman knows that he or she has a high sex drive and know in their heart that he or she will unfortunately step out of the relationship, then why declare being in a relationship with someone in the first place? Why not just be a bachelor/bachelorette and do what he or she wants with all the women and men that they want? At least then, there is no one else to hurt or deceive? Maybe it’s just selfishness, when one thinks only about their needs, who knows? All I know is if the love I have is not enough to hold me for the man I am with, then we can't be together. There is no point in being with someone who you don’t love enough not to hurt.

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