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Is rejection a blessing in disguise?

Being in a strong, committed relationship is every couple’s wish, but not always things work out, due to life’s struggles, lack of communication and trust issues. Therefore, the being together forever aspect can’t always be fulfilled. When a relationship goes into turmoil, there are two choices. You either work on it, or go your separate ways and it’s not easy whatever decision is made. One partner may choose to leave and the other may feel rejected because, one obviously still loves the other and it's hard to except that someone doesn't love you back. Sometimes, you'll find that things become bitter, especially if it wasn’t a mutual decision.

Rejection for some people feels like they have been thrown back, pushed aside and left, especially when they're in a loving relationship. Whether it being through dating, having a casual relationship, or during marriage, being rejected by someone you thought you loved can knock your confidence. It may even cause you to lose your self- esteem, where you have no sense of your value.

Any kind of rejection with regards to love, your job, your friends, or anything else, shouldn’t affect how happy you are. Your happiness is down to your inner well-being and you should never expect anyone, but yourself to make you happy. Remember, when a person rejects you, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have a problem. The issue could possibly be with them.

We all have a fundamental need to belong somewhere, but once we are rejection, it’s like a disconnection. So why is it so important to us to be accepted? Maybe it’s due to the fact that no one wants to feel alone and lonely. Maybe we seek approval from others to feel validated. Maybe we want others to show much they value us, when really we should value ourselves.

Rejection doesn't feel good and sometimes it feels incomprehensible, but it shouldn't be something you permit to take away happiness from your life. You should not become depressed because of rejection; neither should you become angry or aggressive. The reality of life is that, rejection will always be a part of it. If you take on board how many times you face rejection in your life, you’ll end up losing the plot. Every day, we experience some form of rejection. For example, the train is packed and you can't get on, the doctor’s surgery may have no more appointments, so you are turned away. Your best friend goes out with another friend, instead of going out with you as promised. A person you were dating for a few months tells you he/she are no longer interested and want to break up.

Rejection feels like the feeling of failure. When you think that you have failed at something, the reaction is usually to give up, but in fact failure should be the one thing to push you to succeed. It's the same thing with rejection. Just because someone has rejected you, either through love, a friendship, or a job application, just look on it as a door that is waiting to open somewhere else. There are other jobs, better jobs in fact. There are plenty more fish in the sea. Whoever rejected you in the first place, it's their loss. Why be hard on yourself with something that wasn't meant to be? The reality of it is that there's something better to come for everyone. So be ready to embrace it when it does. If you're too busy being caught up with all the unnecessary emotions, you will miss amazing opportunities.

You can't force a person to love you, nor can you force someone to employ you if they've already made their mind up. You can try to convince them to change their decison, but if the answer is continuously going to be no, why put yourself through the embarrassment and hurt?

It is a healthy attitude to accept that rejection is a part of life and to acknowledge that what really matters is finding the way to bounce back and try again. Fill your mind with positive goals and start making steps to put everything behind you and start fresh again.

Rejection should force you into focusing on yourself, so you can reflect on who you are and work on how better you can become.

It's heart-breaking to hear that so many people put their lives on hold because of the rejection from a significant other. Being rejected by someone you love can be the most painful experience, but you just have to process it, digest it and move on. Some find the process is like grieving, because you feel like you're not good enough and you've lost something. But if you've lost, why not try to win again. Grieve for a short time, and then refocus. Put your time and efforts into succeeding in whatever it is you want to achieve. Life is too short to dwell on the things we cannot change. When you dwell on being rejected, you're not only wasting previous energy focusing it, but you're prolonging the hurt.

If you're someone who loves and believes in yourself unconditionally, no amount of rejection will be able to bring you down, because physiologically, your mind will control how you think and feel, and if you programme your mind to accept the change, you will benefit from it.

If you know in your heart, you're amazing person, why give someone else the power to make you think otherwise? You have to be strong in this world to tolerate other people's opinion of you. Whether, that’s through their actions, or their words.

I've have been rejected on many occasions and the rejection has not only been dished out from ex partners. It has been from all different walks of life, but the rejection has gone in my favour and I can honestly say, things have turned out the way I would have liked them to. It has made me more determined to pick myself up and show whomever, that I’m untouchable and their opinion of me doesn’t count. I know who I am. Those that appreciate me will do everything in their power to say in my life.

Things often happen for a reason, so think wisely, analyse and what you may find out is that you were actually blessed in the long run.

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