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Love without boundaries

What does it really mean to be loved and cherished?

For me, being in love is more than just holding hands and telling each other you love one another. It's more than wearing a beautiful white dress, or spending ridiculous amounts of money on a wedding. It's about the coming together of two people who can't imagine life without each other. It's about completing each other emotionally, mentally and physically. And although, it's not always the case that love happens to be that way. Love can be beautiful, but it can also have many repercussions.

Love, what is this? Isn't it supposed to fill you with joy? Make you feel on top of the world. That's what we are always been made to believe. But in fact it causes nothing but pain. Pain especially when you care and love so hard.

Some relationships have it easy. A majority of couples can love without conditions, rules or negotiations. Other partnerships have partners who don't appreciate the ones who love them whole heartedly. Then there are the ones who have the kind heart, who deserve the world and always get hurt.

The goal to love is to protect your heart and not be taken for granted. Never allow another individual to make you loose sight of who you are and what you stand for.

When you love someone there should be no boundaries, no limitations, no secrets and certainly no drama. Love should be embraced with so many amazing feelings.

A relationship is about caring for yourself as well as your other half. It's about sharing responsibilities, bonding, loving, laughing with each other, becoming a union, making plans together, moving forward, progressing in life, building each other up and learning about each other in the process.

I have seen couples that I know build businesses together to create a future for their children. Even if you don't have children together, is it not worth having a goal to create something magical? After all, are you not supposed to be a team.

Neither partner should feel that they are not worthy in a relationship and when I talk about being worthy, I mean being worthy to be a part of your life, your love, your passions. It's about belonging. Belonging with each other. Sharing a part of your soul in order to feel blessed with even more love.

A woman should never loose her self-worth just because her worth is not recognised in a relationship. In many situations I have witnessed women putting their all into men who are not even worthy of their love. They continuously involve themselves with men who use and abuse them, or in fact take them for granted. But, it's funny, because these same women will blame the man in question for not loving them enough, or putting them first. The saddest thing is that, love actually comes from within and what you tolerate, is clearly what you accept. So why expect a man to love you any more than you love yourself? The love you show for yourself is clearly being reflected towards him.

I have seen women loose focus on their own goals, because they have been too busy focusing on what their so called man may be doing. But why? Why is it so important to loose the love of ones self just to feel needed or loved?

I have been in relationships where I have been made to feel like the other woman, when in fact I wasn't. In the past I settled for less than I deserved and it's only as I have grown older, that I've realised, this was one of my biggest mistakes.

I have also supported partners with their children from previous relationships and what I got out from it was nothing but hurt and disrespect.

There was a relationship I was once in, where after many months of being together, I never met my ex's parents, friends or family. Every time I brought the issue up, I was made to feel like I was causing drama over nothing. All I kept hearing was, "the time isn't right." But, when will the time ever be right for anything? If a man wants you he will claim you. He will show the world how much he loves you. He would definitely be proud of who you are, to share your love among those he loves also. To him, you would be worth everything and if a woman is made to feel, that she is not worth anything or has been hidden, then she needs to find a man who will feel honoured to claim her as his queen.

If a man can't commit, or treat you like his world and you are constantly fighting for his time and attention. Then he is not the man for you.There is nothing worse, then making yourself look desperate just to hold something together that will never be. As the saying goes, one mans loss is another mans treasure.

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