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Empath Strength: Navigating Kindness in a World of Narcissists

I want to talk about something that many of us can relate to: being kind-hearted in a world that sometimes takes that kindness for weakness.

As an empath, I've always been someone who wants to help everyone. It's just in my nature. But unfortunately, there are people out there who see that kindness and vulnerability as an opportunity to take advantage. They use you for their own gain, knowing that you'll always be there to lend a hand or an ear.

It can be really tough to be cold or distant when you're wired to care deeply about others. Even when I'm frustrated or tired, I find myself being patient with people, trying to understand where they're coming from and offering support.

But loving others, even when they don't love themselves, can take a toll. It's draining to constantly give and not receive the same level of care in return. And what's worse is when people try to break you down because they see your kindness as a weakness. They mistake your empathy for naivety and attempt to manipulate or control you.

I've found myself attracting narcissists constantly. They lie, cheat, disrespect boundaries, and try to exert control over every aspect of your life. It's exhausting and disheartening to deal with, but sometimes you have to step back and analyse the situation.

Recognising these toxic patterns is the first step to breaking free from them.

Maintaining good self-worth and self-value is crucial in these situations. It's about knowing your worth and not allowing anyone to diminish it. Confidence doesn't mean you're free from insecurities; it means you're able to acknowledge them and still stand tall in your own skin.

So, to all my fellow empaths out there, know that your kindness is not a weakness. It's a strength. But also remember to protect yourself and set boundaries. And to anyone dealing with manipulative people or narcissists, know that you deserve better. Trust your instincts, value yourself, and surround yourself with those who uplift and support you. That's where true strength lies.


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