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A Journey of Love and Loss: Remembering My Mother's Brave Battle With Cancer

Losing a loved one to cancer is an experience that changes you forever. It's a journey of heartbreak, but also one of profound love and resilience. In this blog, I want to honour the memory of my dear mother, who bravely fought against cancer until her last breath.

My mother was a pillar of strength, a beacon of love in my life. When she was diagnosed with cancer, our world turned upside down. But amidst the fear and uncertainty, she showed immense courage and determination.

Upon receiving the diagnosis last year, I felt numb. It seemed like a nightmare; how could someone so healthy, rarely ill, non-smoker, and COVID-free, have lung cancer, a brain tumour, and multiple small lesions? Anger, disbelief, and brokenness overwhelmed me. Amidst the cruelty in the world, why did our mum have to face this dreadful disease? She was loving, sincere, and loved everyone. Despite feeling hopeless, I clung to hope that mum would receive proper care, knowing many stories of remission and survival.

Mum faced each treatment with grace and resilience, never once giving in to despair. Surrounded by loved ones, she received unwavering support from family and friends. I remember the countless hours spent by her side, holding her hand through the pain and the tears. Even in her weakest moments, her spirit remained unbroken. She fought with every ounce of her being, refusing to let cancer define her. She maintained a smile, embraced a positive mindset, and remained determined to fight for her children and grandchildren.

But cancer is relentless, and despite mum's valiant efforts, the disease eventually took its toll. In her final days, as she lay in that hospital bed, I saw a glimpse of the fierce fighter she had always been. Even as her body weakened, her will to live burned bright.

The day my mother passed, marked the day a piece of me faded away irreversibly. Our family mourned the loss of a beloved matriarch, my Queen. Standing beside her hospital bed, I prayed for a flicker of life, but she had departed.

It was both a privilege and a burden to witness her journey towards the end. The pain of losing her is indescribable, a gaping hole in my heart that will never fully heal. I miss her every day, her laughter, her warmth, her love. I miss her as my mother, agony aunt and best friend..

In the aftermath of her passing, I find myself floating in a sea of grief. I am lost without her, struggling to navigate this world without her guiding light. But amidst the darkness, I hold on to the memories we shared, the moments of joy and love that will forever live on in my heart.

My mother may be gone, but her legacy lives on in the lives she touched and the hearts she warmed. She taught me what it means to love unconditionally, to fight for what you believe in, and to never lose hope even in the darkest of times.

As I continue to navigate life without her, I take peace in knowing that she is watching over me, guiding me with her love and wisdom. And though the pain of her loss may never fully fade, I will carry her spirit with me always, a beacon of strength and inspiration in the journey ahead.

Death serves as a serious wake-up call, reminding us of how short life is. It has amplified my gratitude for what I have, and I aspire to greet life with open arms, pursuing every dream.

Stepping into my role as the eldest sibling, I aim to support my brother and sisters as my mother did, knowing I can never fill her shoes. Above all, I am determined to be the best mother to my children, cherishing every moment with them. None of us can predict our time's end, urging us to embrace life, free of regrets. If anything or anyone brings negativity, it's crucial to remove them; time is too precious to waste.


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