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Pregnancy, Miscarriage, and Recovery (Audio/Visual)

Pregnancy, Miscarriage and Recovery is a written blog converted into an audio/visual blog for the purpose of non readers, because not everyone likes to read. With listening, you can hear the emotions and heartfelt loss. This piece is raw, unrehearsed and very real.

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

License code: Q8I7TJUQYCGELGYQ

Also, would you mind taking 5 minutes to complete this form anonymously?

I am doing some research on miscarriage for my proposed book, and I'm still in a battle with the hospital who were in charge of my care at the time of my miscarriage.

It would be great if you can submit your response. Thank you!


If you are not comfortable in contributing, it's fine. I know the questions may trigger some sad memories.

This form is for those who would like to contribute a response.

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